The wind was chill and it seemed as though time had stopped as I gazed at the internet page open on my Mac book… My eyes stayed fixed upon the ‘Deactivation Button’ on my Personal Facebook page

And then I clicked it! That’s right I deactivated my Facebook!

I’d been wanting to do it for a while and Today I figured I would just do it, After all last semester since we do have access to the internet and our laptops during class I found myself on there a lot even if  I had already seen the 30 Instagram photos taken of mac & cheese and read one too many break up posts It had just become too much of a habit and a routine. I have kept my Photography page up, simply to post photos and perhaps arrange photo shoots, However once I have an actual site that page will probably meet it’s Doom as well! 

I also decided to indulge myself in the fantastic world of reading before I have to go back to class and become busy again, I am half way through Charlaine Harris’ Dead Until Dark, The first Novel in the Sookie Stackhouse novel collection, For those of you who maybe isn’t aware, this series of books are the inspiration behind the HBO show True Blood ( Seriously, am I really explaining this.. I know, I know.. this is sooooooo 2008… however…HEAR ME OUT!) 

So here’s my story: SO Never before had I watched the True Blood television show, And quite frankly with the whole Vampires being more popular amongst young women now than the Backstreet boys were in 1997, I had no intentions to either! I didn’t care about Vampires who sparkled and had HUGE eyebrows, and any other vampires this modern day would have to offer. 

But then Wednesday Afternoon, Pierre and I decided to go to Chapters for a spell to pick up the latest issue of Car Kulture Deluxe and to see what else chapters would have to offer, what we found out that day is even after New years day ( when all the stores are closed for one f*ckin’) you will find people with an uncontrollable hunger to SHOP! the place was packed!

so Anywhooo~ I pretty much fought my way to the back section of the store ( that and tip toed over people who had settled down on the floor to read.) to pick up J.R.R Tolkien’s The fellowship of the ring. And as I was in the Fantasy section I had spotted Charlaine Harris’ books. Looked at the price tag and decided “Meh what the hell…Can’t be worse than twilight right?”

And to my surprise the book is actually pretty damn good. The story has mystery and murder however the vampires still seem to have a glow to them…Luckily they don’t sparkle harder than my 5 year old cousin’s macaroni painting with 5 inches of glitter paint slapped on it. 

To Celebrate my second post Here, HAVE A PHOTO! 




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Ciao for meow!